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Or follow all the news at's Daily Style blog named mush!mush! parkas 'The Find' of the Week March 1, 2010, saying: "These coats are Canadiana at its finest!".

"I held my breathe as I tried on my new mushmush parka, it fit absoutely perfectly. For the first time in my life I had a jacket that was long enough in the sleeves and small enough in the shoulders. Not only that, but it is stunning in red and so warm and cosy with the fox trim. The craftsmanship is exceptional and worth every penny. It feels like it carries songs of the North and the women who carry on their tradition by making the parkas within it, this piece of art has great energy. Every day I receive compliments and inquires about the parka, surely you will be very busy as the word spreads!"
Tracey W, Calgary

"My daughter wore her new mushmush parka for the first time to the Santa Claus Parade and it seemed like everyone we passed was like, 'Oh my God, look at her coat!' We must have heard 30 different people comment over the course of two hours."
Hayley G, Toronto

"I love my mushmush parka, I purchased it last fall and never looked back. I wear the wool inner layer with the gorgeous fur-trimmed hood on its own, and throw on the outer layer when the wind and snow kick up. I get stopped and complimented on it everywhere I go. This traditional Native Canadian style has been a beautiful and effective way to deal with Arctic winters for centuries. Thanks mushmush, for finally making it available to the rest of us!"
Macy A., Toronto

"I've always heard that having a dog was a great way to meet people but these days it's my mush!mush! parka that's getting all the attention."
Alanna & Quinn, Calgary

"I love my parka! And it turns out so does everyone else. I've had to retrieve it from friends trying it on when I was ready to leave a party and strangers have stopped me to ask where I got it. It is great!"
Elizabeth, Toronto

"I have never enjoyed wearing a coat as much as I enjoy wearing my mushmush full length parka. Not only is it beautiful, it is also comfortable, warm and cozy. Total strangers stop me on the street and in shops to comment on my gorgeous coat and to ask who made it."
Betty, Toronto

"I've had so many compliments on my coat. People are stopping me on the street. One woman tried to rip it off my back in an elevator, she liked it so much."
Lise, Montreal

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