2019 Price list


Knee-length parkas

Knee-length parka with outer shell, $999* (+tax and S&H)

Knee-length men's parka, with fur along the bottom, $1,249.00 (+tax and S&H)

Full-length parkas

Full-length parka with outer shell $1,099* (+tax and S&H)

Dressy Parkas

Dressy parka with outer shell $1,249* (+tax and S&H) 

Winter Jackets

Winter jackets, no outer shell, $579.00* (+tax and S&H)

mushmush kids

Parkas with outer shell* (+tax and S&H)

Ages up to two: $299

2-4: $335 

4-6: $365

6-8: $395

8-10: $430

10-12: $455

Optional add-ons

Fur along the bottom $150; fur pom-poms $100; fur cuffs on Winter Jacket $75.