The seamstresses who make our parkas cut the individual appliqués and tailor them to the colour of the parka and the shell. The Canada Geese shown above in black, for example, would be sewn in white if the appliqué were ordered on a black background. 

If there's a colour you hate, and want to make sure it's not used, please let us know and we'll make sure the seamstress doesn't include it. Or if there's a colour you prefer, please let us know. That's what customization is all about!

When it comes to appliqués, feel free to chose one for the inside wool jacket, and a different one for the outside. Have some fun. It helps gives the impression you own two different Arctic parkas.

Remember, all parkas and the traditional-style outer shells come with appliqués. Only the Mother Hubbard outer shell does not; it has a deep flounce and decorative ribbon (called rickrack up North) instead.