Full-length parkas


Our traditional full-length parkas are long but never bulky. They fit close to the body for a flattering line as well as to trap your body heat, while the soft fur at the hood and cuffs keeps the wind out. 

The full-length parkas are the perfect choice for people who want to be able to wear a parka with skirts and dresses as well as pants -- or simply want all that delicious warmth extending down their legs. Because each one is made for its owner you get to decide whether you want it a few inches below the knee or a few inches above the ankle. And no worries if you have a long stride; the double zipper on all our parkas allows you to open it up from the bottom as well as the top, letting you take long steps.

You choose from black, white or red wool, and whether you want Arctic weight -- the real deal in colder climates -- or City Weight, which we designed to be good up to –15 Celsius with a sweater underneath. You also choose the type and colour of your fur and your appliqués. No matter what your combo, your parka comes with a wind-resistant outer shell to wear for the extra-cold days, or to keep snow or freezing rain off the wool.

You can also add fur along the bottom or fur pom-poms for some extra Arctic pop.

Full-length parka, silver fox, polar bear appliqués

Full-length parka, silver fox, polar bear appliqués