Frequently Asked Questions


What if I want two shells?

Each mushmush parka comes with one shell included but if you want two, no problem. Some people want two different colours, or one traditional and one Mother Hubbard, to change up the vibe. We can do that. But it's much more cost effective to order it when your parka is ordered as the seamstress has a pattern cut already, making cutting a second shell much easier.

If you want one later on, you'll have to send the first shell back, the seamstress needs it to reverse engineer a new pattern, which has to be made before another shell can be cut and sewn. They tell us it's almost as much work as making a parka (minus the fur), so it's not inexpensive. But if you want one, we're happy to do it.

What if I gain or lose weight?

You can send your mushmush parka back anytime, with very specific instructions (and hopefully a couple of pins) showing the seamstress what and where it needs to be taken in or let out. If there is not enough material in the seams, they may be able add an inch or two of fabric on on either side of the zipper and cover it with some ribbon to make it look decorative. They're very experienced! 

There is a small charge for alterations. We'll keep it as reasonable as possible, and let you know the price before you send your parka in. We're all about customer service. Our customers are our best brand ambassadors.

What if my parka arrives and something's off?

This has happened once in 10 years and it was our error. The seamstress made a Mother Hubbard shell instead of a traditional-style shell. The customer wore the parka but sent the shell back. The seamstress made her the traditional shell she ordered and we sent her back both on an expedited basis and paid all costs.

If you make a mistake measuring, you may have to pay shipping and a small cost for the repair. That hasn't happened yet (knock wood). But if it does, rest assured we'll do our best to get it rectified and back out to you as soon as possible. We want you out there showing off your beautiful new parka with a big grin on your face.

What if I want a parka in a colour you don't offer?

We're happy to ask the ladies up North if they have any material in that colour in stock and, if they do, we'll send you a photo of it. If you want something different, please just ask. If we can do it we will. Someone wanted heart appliqués for their granddaughter's parka. Got it. We put the "custom" in customer satisfaction!

Do you make men's parkas?

We do even though we don't promote them. Men's parkas are knee length and have fur around the bottom. Men up North typically don't wear fox, they wear coyote or wolf. Some (but not all) men prefer minimal decoration on the outer shell. To order a man's parka, please email and we'll give you a call and run through all the options.

How do I contact you?

We're always here to answer questions, as well as take orders, at