Outer shells


Every one of our parkas comes with a wind-resistant outer shell in your choice of red, white or black (ask about the availability of other colours). It's really to protect the wool against wind or rain, or to give you another layer on those extra-cold days. 

But we also like to think of it as your parka's alter-ego. Top a white wool parka with a red shell, or a red parka with black shell and, voilà it looks like you have an entirely different parka.

The shells come in two styles. Traditional (left) is close to your body, while the Mother Hubbard with a deep flounce on the bottom (right) echoes the iconic look often seen on Native soapstone sculptures.

Traditional shells come with appliqués, which can be different from those on the parkas. You choose whether or not you want rickrack, the wavy decorative ribbon beloved in the Western Arctic. and by many non-resident Arctic lovers.  

Because Mother Hubbard shells come with a deep flounce they have no appliqués and they always have rickrack. And if you like, the Ladies up North will match the colour of your parka to a small floral pattern instead of a solid colour for a fun and retro look.

You can see examples of both style shells, with and without rickrack, in the photos below.

You choose between traditional (l) and Mother Hubbard (r) styles

You choose between traditional (l) and Mother Hubbard (r) styles