Kids parkas

All wrapped up and ready to play


These two-piece kids parkas aren't just toasty and soft, they are scene stealers. Be prepared for whole lots of ooohs and aaahs. The wool parkas are available in red, white, black, pink or purple (we know little girls!) with the appliqué of your choice. You can also choose from white, silver or black fur at the hood and cuffs. The Mother Hubbard outer shell comes in a tiny print that's chosen by the seamstress to play off the colour of the inner parka. We're also happy to make you a traditional straight shell which can make the parka more unisex.

As for our one-piece winter jackets (pink, at left), we think of these as Northern ski jackets. They come in pink, purple or black, depending whether your little princess is traditional or urban, with polar bear appliqués. You also have your choice of white, back or grey fur around the hood to keep the cold winter air off those little necks.