Dressy parka


With fur along the bottom as well as the hood and wrists, these are our most glamorous parkas (privately we call them our "Arctic Foxes"). 

They are available only in black heavy-weight wool, with gorgeous white fox. These are wearable Canadian art, guaranteed to turn heads in even the most sophisticated circles.  Don't be surprised if people stop you on the street if you're wearing one.

Each Dressy Parka comes with a wind-resistant outer shell to wear for the extra-cold days, or to keep snow or freezing rain off the wool. 

We find wearing the outer shell, which can have a different appliqué, also dresses these parkas down a bit for times you want to be elegant but more casual. 

Dressy parka, polar bear appliqué, Arctic fox

Dressy parka, polar bear appliqué, Arctic fox